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Deep in the heart of Sudan, beyond the hostile forests and bubbling swamps, in the middle of an unbearably arid savannah, towers the Baobab of Groove. Many an explorer has risked life and limb for an opportunity to dance under its magnificent and funky canopy, but none have returned as they left, if at all. They have gone mad with the unfulfilled promise of a groove that would make any organism move. Long ago, however, in the midst of a torrential downpour, four newborn babes found themselves alone under the baobab, or "Groovemama," as they learned to call her. She raised them with great love and care, nurturing and cultivating their groovy sensibilities. They are rumored to now be floating through space somewhere beyond the Andromeda galaxy, on their own search for the little-known but tastiest of organic growth, dubbed in lore as the Phanerothyme Mushroom. But from their ship, they have sent down Junk, a set of five tracks detailing what the baobab taught them those many years ago.

If you are ever reckless enough to search out Groovemama, and she appears to you in a moment of existential clarity as you lie dying of thirst and starvation in the middle of that never-ending savannah, muster up the last of your energy to walk amongst its groovy roots and run your hand along the contours of its funky trunk. It will tell you the story of the four babes who grew up curling up to that trunk at night, dreaming of the perfect beat. And you will have heard the essence of the groove in its purest form. But for the rest of us, these recordings must suffice.


released April 9, 2013

Adam Klein - Guitar, Vocals, Keyboard
Sam Frampton - Bass
Matías Anaya - Drums
Nappy Profit - Rap Vocals



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Nine Tigers New Haven, Connecticut

After being born in a cave in South East Asia to a trio of controversially polygamist neo-utopian yellow un-striped tigers (later found to be lions) we underwent a complex process of spiritual growth and became humans. The rest was pretty much inevitable. ... more

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